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Global Quest Founder Jerry J. Ferrara credits his multicultural heritage - half Apache, half Sicilian- to his innate sense of adventure. Ferrara began his “quest” at the tender age of 7, when he developed an interest in archeology searching fields and streams for Native American and early English settler artifacts and fossils.  This fascination of discovery led to archeology, gemology and ancient civilization studies, gold mining, gem trading and eventually, the exciting and dangerous world of treasure hunting.

Author of the soon to be released “Shades of Green”, Ferrara skillfully tells the true story and sordid history of his involvement and ownership of the world’s largest emerald, the Bahia Emerald.  Ferrara was recently featured by National Geographic in their documentary,  “The 400 Million Dollar Emerald”.

Ferrara currently travels the globe in search of the facts behind the mystical myths and legends that he is determined to  prove to be far more than mere folk stories.

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Christopher (Chris) Barron, a native of Terrell, Texas, began his career training thoroughbred horses. A call from his childhood best friend, the Oscar Award winning actor Jamie Foxx, led him to relinquish the horses to become Foxx’s personal assistant.  Developing deep and personal relationships within the entertainment and business worlds, Barron now is a trusted international expert in buying and selling precious art and valuable artifacts.

Clyde Ashley Sherman, is a lifetime personal friend of Global Quest founder Jerry J. Ferrara.  Holding a BA in Communications from Johnson C Smith University, Sherman is an international consultant with over 20 years of professional experience with a wide variety of expertise in the aerospace, defense & satellite manufacturing business, commodities & banking industry, financing of film, TV and music industries and biological, plant & natural herb treatments.

David Linstrom is a documentary producer and director with more than 20 years experience working with National Geographic, HBO, CBS, NBC and The Discovery Channel.  An Emmy Award winning cinematographer, Linstrom has worked on over 30 documentaries in 50 countries.  He most recently has produced and directed “The 400 Million Dollar Emerald”, the captivating story of the Bahia emerald for National Geographic.


Dallas Garland embodies the true definition of the entrepreneurial spirit. A native of South Carolina, Garland has made her home in Las Vegas for over 30 years. Here she has founded, created, owned and operated a wide range of successful businesses that have included retail operations, health & beauty spas, interior design, real estate finance & development projects and the gold mining industry. Garland holds a degree in Interior Design and has multiple certifications in finance, Internet public relations, marketing and social media.

Presently, Garland has founded with Jennifer Dawn Bishop and Melissa Fields, “StarWatch”, an Internet based branding, public relations and marketing firm.  Garland classifies www.StarWatchPr.com as the 21st century’s premiere “Brand Architects”.

Kit J Morrison has several years of experience in Banking and structured finance. Mr. Morrison specializes in bridge financing for Commercial Real Estate and the Construction Market. Mr. Morrison has developed projects in excess of $50,000,000.00 in completed and ongoing ventures.

With the down turn in the real estate markets, Mr. Morrison found himself diversifying himself even further, as he entered the artifact and gem trade industries. This move eventually led him to cross paths with Mr Jerry Ferrara and the rest is literally history.

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